Full house….

The third tenant moves in next week, great news let’s hope the move goes well for her and her family!

It’s not the easy road to take but a forward thinking one in giving our children the loving push for independent living.

Met the neighbours at the weekend – they are a breath of fresh air – so lovely 😊 instant connection, another box ticked!

Molly, what can I tell you? More good days than bad, we do church on Sundays, I see her every weekend, she is going to more social events – not sure what she makes of it all but good that she is trying her best and having a go…..she has lost her first stone at slimming world and I must thank the staff team for their support and keeping her on track!

Me – I still struggle leaving her on Sunday’s but by Tuesday I am back in my work mode and accept I just have to get on with it. I truly hope in time it will get easier, stressing is draining and no good for us at all. I am getting better at keeping on keeping on in fact I am becoming a pro!

I have said this before but I would like to reiterate how much I wish Molly could express her feelings and talk to me more. She hardly said two words over the weekend and thats hard, it doesn’t mean there is a problem but would I know if there was? She is complex but I love her – end of.

Molly will be 23 on the 14th June I hope she has a wonderful birthday and pray she settles more and more with everyday that passes.

CPN visit today went well, seeing Psychiatrist later in the month and hoping the antipsychotic medication dosage can be reduced at some point soon.

It’s almost 10 month since Mountview was purchased and it’s hard to believe how far we have travelled to get to this point. The future is unknown but I want to get more comfortable with it all now, start taking life less seriously, less striving more chilling, more fun. That would be nice…. πŸ™πŸ»

Luv C x

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