D day approaches

Well this is a tough one, to try and explain where we are in relation to the move is not as easy as I would of liked it to be:

  • The house is getting there, the re-wire is almost complete
  • In need of more furniture but got enough to get started
  • Funding only agreed for Molly at present so she will move in alone initially
  • Informal care I need to give equates to 36 hours plus 3 sleeps per week!
  • ASC’s get out clause is always – “well you are taking the self directed route” but no one I know believes that their decisions are fair, realistic or right
  • Sleepless nights with worry that feels like a real physical pain and which only subsides once I am asleep
  • Transition is started to unsettle Molly, she is showing signs of stress and this concerns me
  • Wish I could fast forward in time I am not looking forward to this next few weeks
  • I am so grateful for this opportunity and to set up this supported living venture, it is for the best long term but the emotional cost is only just bearable!

Molly is resisting and I must ignore her behaviours, not cave in, be strong, focused and driven! Not easy, I will do what I need to do, no pain no gain – one day at a time……..as they say

Right now I like to sleep and forget about it all, tomorrow I will be working at the house, one week before discharge date we are almost there. I think it will be tough to begin with but in the end will work for the good of all involved.

Praying for the best transition possible and that Mollys resilience get her to where she needs to be, to feel safe and to be treat with compassion and dignity!

Luv C x

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