4th January 2019

One year on…….

Tomorrow will be exactly one year to the day that my daughter Molly was sectioned.  ‘Time doesn’t fly’ as they say, it feels exactly like 365 days, believe me it really does!

Molly is so ready for her discharge date of 28th January 2019 and the house is almost ready, there is so much to think about when you are setting up a new home from scratch, every day I think of something else she may need.  Most of all I want her to be lovingly cared for and to have friends, laugh and hopefully love her new life.

Twelve months in hospital has affected me let alone Molly, I wonder how she feels or what she is thinking – that is something I will never know, I can only observe and make second guesses – one of the down sides of being on the spectrum is being socially awkward and unable to express your emotions.  I am always looking out for signs and trying to read from her behaviours how she is coping with all of this.

Transition will commence next Monday the 7th January 2019.  Molly will meet the new staff employed to work in the house. They will work with the staff on Edenwood and myself to help inform and guide them as much as possible to understand and care for Molly in the best way possible. This time is crucial and Molly will need as much love and support to help her adjust to her new forever home.  I have everything crossed and will do whatever I can to help create her best life!

The dream and goal will be accomplished,  the journey has not been easy.  I have presented Molly’s story to a ‘Lessons Learnt Review’ panel, written complaints to ASC, fought the battles that have presented themselves along the way and I will continue to do so.  I hope this blog will encourage parents to ‘keep on keeping on’ and fight for the rights of our special children and young people.

I will continue to write and let you know how the move goes, this is only the beginning.  Happy to help others who need support or advice – please spread the word and contact me by email: cprince2106@gmail.com

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Lisa, I will always remember the 4th January forever more!

Special thanks to Catherine and Jeremy, Jean and Arthur, Lisa, Chesterholme in Hexham, Edenwood at Carleton Clinic and my family who have all been on this journey with us. Your support cannot be measured!

Luv Claire & Molly x

2 thoughts on “4th January 2019

  1. We will always be there for you and Molly. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You have been an amazing mother Claire. Looking forward to seeing Molly in her new home!

    Much love always
    Catherine xx

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    1. Couldn’t have got this far without you and J not just as the investors but for being amazing friends to me – you have always been there in all circumstances, I am so blessed having you in my life!


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