Indicative date…..


The recent MDT meeting gave an indicative date for discharge, we are now working towards the 1st October this year.  Possibly sooner if we get the supported living set up as I feel she is definitely on the right road to recovery. This makes my heart sing – she is calm, happy and responding very appropriately.

Keep hopeful and believe all things work for the good in the end.  I know I said I dare to hope but we have to in order to keep moving forward.

Last year I met someone who gave me a prophetic word he said “a hurricane is coming” at the time I didn’t believe things could get any worse but the Mania took over our lives like a tsunami.  The challenges we face in life can only make us stronger and there is always calm after a storm.

Next steps now are to get Molly to access some familiar activities within the community, I am excited for her, I hate drugs but if they stabilize her then I don’t see another option right now.  She is in good hands and believes she is in a new college so that’s what we run with.  No need to correct her, best just to agree for now.

I met Molly’s Mental Health Advocate this week from Carlisle Mind – great to have him on the Mollywood team.  Mollywood is a reference our family have used for years and use when Molly goes into her own world, the world of our Molly’s autistic mind – welcome to Mollywood!


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