Where has 2020 gone?

Well hello again, it’s been a while but I am back and ready to re- visit Mollywood and let you all know what 2020 has brought be it good or bad….

2020 has been a strange one for all of us not just those who walk in the fields of Mollywood but the whole world. COVID has affected each and everyone of us and for some of us who already feel they live a lockdown life anyway nothing may has changed.

This is just an introduction to say I will continue with my updates as to be honest if you don’t record it you forget and reading back over the old posts reminds me that we are and will be forever on this journey or at least until I take my last breath, and that’s ok because that is my job as a parent of a special person.

Luv C

(updates will begin next week)

One thought on “Where has 2020 gone?

  1. Pleased to hear you are updating Claire. I will look out for your next post. You are also a very special person and don’t you forget it!


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