Mollywood: From Will’s Point of View


I would like to start this by saying as a young teenager I was not only scared but ashamed to admit Molly was my sister, I would as soon as “disabled” or “retard” came into the conversation, like every other subject, avoid it. That was my guard I created for myself. If I had no input there would be no output and therefore no outcome. As I have grown, thanks to the journeys and friends I have made along the way, I have became more confident to speak on this subject. Molly has changed my life, she has been the shadow to my Peter Pan! When Rob and Tom were getting up to whatever they were me and my Molly were always together. Weekdays we had with my Mam I briefly remember but Weekends with my dad and Emma I will never forget. Until I got older and the gap got wider, people would always tell me I was Molly’s protector but to me I was always just her big brother, the hardest thing has been watching her decline. I don’t think I ever really thought the more I grew the less Molly would. As my shadow it was hard to watch her go from such a beautiful little girl to a woman who has no function or say over herself, still beautiful regardless. I do believe this has affected me more than I know but at the same time I think “Get on with it Will!, Molly has to go through far worse”. When I think of memories, one sticks to mind. I had to pick up Molly from school one evening and when I got there she was surrounded by a puddle, I could see kids laughing. Molly had weed herself, I ran and grabbed her and we walked home, that will never leave me because I know how hard it was for me as a fully functional minded person to be in that situation, I always wondered what was going through Molly’s head? Because that would have scarred the best of us! I have so much to tell you about our Molly! Because as the story seems go down and out she has never not made me smile or laugh, she has made me see the beauty life has to offer, one smile from my our Molly means a million smiles from anyone else so for that I will always thank her. I can be 100% William with my Molly and I know how rare that is! X