October 2019

Well who would of thought that I would be diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, I naively thought that was a disorder relating to soldiers so it is ironic that recently I said “call on your army”.

I have been struggling to think and at one point couldn’t even bear to have the radio I couldn’t bear any distraction at all. I was certainly overloaded and not sure how much more I could take before I completely lost it.

So I gave in and went to my GP and asked for help, I already have counselling so the next step was medication, I was at this stage prepared to try anything. I had been offered it before but had always declined. This time I was happy to take it!

Within a couple of weeks I felt less anxious and could concentrate better. Slowing my thinking became more positive and although the situation hasn’t changed and most likely won’t I was coping with everything again.

So pleased I am feeling better and can look to the future again. An acceptance of life the way it is that has brought me peace.

There is no going back I have to fight on…..

Luv C x