Call in your ‘Army’…..

Well it’s been a turbulent couple of months, a turbulence I have dared to rear it’s ugly little head!

Mental health warning signs, I am hyper vigilant to them naturally, no one could go through a mental health sectioning experience and not be!

‘Mother knows best’ is so true no one can see what we see and I have been having flash backs relating to Molly’s pre and post section which have literally shook me to the core (Adrenalin is a weird thing you know)

An adrenaline rush is one of the body’s vital defense mechanisms. A stressful situation will trigger the release of the hormone adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, into the bloodstream.

Molly has had a few physical issues cold, ear infections etc recently and her mental health is due for review soon. Her physical health needs to improve before the Army can assess her – that’s just how it works…..

Any way that said as a parent you have to “keep on keeping on”, call in your army, social worker, community learning disability nurse, provider of care, Psychiatrist, everyone and anyone who can help! Even when you are unsure what’s going on best be curious and honest and get your concern out there and most importantly off your chest, you can‘t and shouldn’t try to shoulder anything like this alone.

Safe to say my army is aware.

Staff have supported Molly to lose over 2 stone in weight now since discharge so that is very positive and she does look so much better for it, only 2 more to go Molly!

Molly is back with a group she used to go out with prior to her becoming ill, so lovely to see her rekindle old friendships and of course get her routine back.

Just a little update which helps me track progress and also to reflect back upon.

Luv C x