Penny for them….

Penny for them, what I wouldn’t give to know what is inside your pretty little head, what do you think, what do you see, how do you feel?

For me I mostly want to know are you ok, are you happy and do you feel safe?

I am you voice and your advocate – am I doing ok, do I do everything the way you want it done?

I hope I can read you like a book but I never know for sure, I can only try and pray I do, I try to walk in your world and to make it as good as it possibly can be.

Short and sweet message to my Molly

Happy Bank Holiday all!

Luv C x


Once a year it is recommended that we ‘abandon’ go on holiday, leave life as we know it, take a break. This year I was lucky enough to be abandoned in Juan Le Pain on the Côte d’Azur with my dear friend Catherine and her lovely’s daughters Jess and Lucy.

As my flight approaches London I started to feel a little different, I have obviously missed my family but not sure I have missed my life. Having true time out and abandoning your routine gives you space inside your head, hey I have space again!

I am learning not to feel guilty for looking after myself, this in turn helps me cope with whatever life throws at me, it’s all about being resilient I feel.

Coming into land soon so will continue one I get updated on my girl Molly and how her week has gone… back to life back to reality, now let me see.

This is actually the 1st holiday in years that I have not had to worry so much about Molly as she now has her own place and is being cared for 24/7. Still had some worries naturally, we all do but this holiday certainly had far less than usual. I have read two books, ate beautiful healthy food in amazing restaurants whilst resting my feet in soft white sand – yes, sometimes eating Shirley Valentine style…. I have attempted yoga every morning, except today (packing to do), swam daily either in the pool or sea(not exactly swam – more of a dip tbh). The sun has shone from daybreak until setting every evening and the temperature was just perfect.

Au-revoir Juan Le Pains