May I …..

It’s almost 3 months since Mollys discharge date, we had a new tenant move in two weeks ago and the third will join them early June, ‘Full house’ wow!

I have spent the weekend will Molly who is doing so well, she has lost 10.5 pounds now in weight and finding her feet now in her new routine. No tears this weekend, I loved every minute I spent with her, she is often my rock and I wouldn’t know what to do without her….. not a lot else matters, this is our life and all we know and as of now I feel excited about the future and pray the journey ahead is smooth, also knowing that if it isn’t then we are ok and can cope with that too, that we know what we are heading for and how to deal with the ups and the downs.

Couldn’t be prouder of Molly, normal life is such a challenge for her, little by little I am giving her a loving push to be the best she can be.

I attended an Expert by Experience panel this week and what I learned was that no matter what age, race, gender, circumstances these patients are relying on this system to support them, find the best solutions, ensure actions are carried out and that the patient/person is at the centre of all decision making. Giving back from my experiences truly felt amazing and hopefully will help with a rippling effect!

As I continue to advocate for Molly I feel a shift toward another ‘why’ which will be to support others experiencing either being or potentially being sectioned under the mental health act.


After a 48 hour shift (including two sleep overs which were good, slept like babies) I have arrived home to an empty place and began to unpack from the weekend. My weekend starts tomorrow – a day to reflect and pull myself together in acceptance and try and understand that although Molly has her forever home will she ever understand that ? Will it ever get easier to leave her? Have I done enough and made the most of every precious minute? Do I portray the real me who constantly tries to be brave and feels tired of waiting for this all to feel natural. Can I accept that this is the way we will always be and can I learn to accept that the road we take is the way forward. I stand strong in my faith that all things work for the good in those that know we all have a Heavenly Father who knows every hair on our head and knows what I need before I ask.

My prayer tonight is to bless the girls in Mount View, the staff and their families, give us the wisdom and grace to support this project in everything we do Amen.

Luv C x

Thank you to all who read and support this blog.