Updates – Week 3/4 all rolled into one!

Where does time go and how can I get it to slow down?

This week raised some concerns and potential deteriation in Mollys presentation, highlighted these to all concerns and have a psychiatric appointment this coming Thursday. Better to make sure we are all doing everything possible for her. Always knew this wasn’t the end of this journey just the beginning of a new path.

Bec’s came to stay over last night and hopefully soon she will move in permanently – third time lucky for her funding application fingers crossed 🤞 everyone!!

This house is amazing I love it here, couldn’t of wished for anything better we have been so blessed!  Finally got the wardrobe built, thank you Robert 🙏🏻 It is all finally all coming together……

Week three for me was hard, I couldn’t call the house in case I heard anything negative, I just couldn’t of coped, a bit weak of me I know, however I have been conditioned and need to undo so much that has come to pass with this experience.

Let’s keep on keeping on and moving forward.

Week 4 until now 3/4/2019

Molly is settled, she has developed a nice routine that she is coping well with. Concerns over her weight gain due to medication and the longevity of her stay in hospital (not to mention hospital food) so she has joined Slimming World and within the last two weeks she has lost 5lb – well done Molly! Thank goodness for Curly Wurly’s at least she feels like she is having a treat!

I am still covering the informal care until new tenants join her, Bec’s has been approved so she will be able to move in this month and hopefully the third tenant soon after.

I will be having an open day to celebrate this project and to promote ‘taking action’ yourself if you don’t get the support or help you need to achieve independent supported living. Let’s just remember everyone has rights and also a voice.

Can’t recommend New Foundations as a social housing landlord enough! Met our new handy man recently – a lovely guy who has a great understanding of his special need tenants, he was like a breath of fresh air as the saying goes…

Luv C