Mount View Week 2

Beautiful present received for Molly from an old school friend of mine – thank you Catharine Naylor – just perfect!

Managed to get the bath water temperature sorted out but the new remote thermostat is a bugger to control to say the least, sat last night on youtube trying to work it out and I haven’t cracked it yet much to my disappointment.

Another good week to report, transition to staff changes will always be a problem which hopefully will improve in time.  It was also half term which meant Prism Art was not on and Molly likes her routine as we know. Same old, same old if the best way forward in the autistic world, it feels safe.  To be fair she visited the Grace Little centre (Mencap) last week and when I dropped her off this Morning she said she was going to finish her stencilling I was quite impressed, she engaged with staff and other service users and was very happy for me to leave, in fact it was as if she wanted me to go? When I got in the car I smiled to myself feeling like wow this feels good, different but good!

When they are ok then we are too – it’s just a given!

Didn’t get the shelves painted, the staff boards put up or Molly wardrobe built its a full-time job just caring.  I take my hat off to the carers out there! I don’t know how I managed Molly at home full time and working.  I suppose when you have to you have to … just do the best you can.

Haven’t really wound down yet but I will and I feel excited at the thought!

So far so good 😊

Take care all luv C x



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