’Free Molly’ 18th February 2019 – it’s true!


Mission accomplished, today was a big day, Mollys section was lifted and she has been officially discharged from hospital. We had a very positive MDT meeting today and all reports exceeded our expectations!

I left Molly at the house this morning after my weekend shift which literally went too quick for me, it’s all been a lot to take in and the build up to this day is hitting home, it’s all too good to be true! Molly has been a star, it’s a huge milestone and hopefully her last upheaval- transition. She can now move forward in hopefully her forever home, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Mollys CPN will visit tomorrow (within 24 hours of discharge) and she will be monitored by the professionals at a couple more MDT meetings and then her usual reviews. The ward manager said that the staff were all very fond of Molly and that they miss her and wish her every happiness, so lovely to hear!

I will miss Edenwood, don’t know how many times I have walked the Carleton Mile or picked up the litter around the estate (pretending it was her little job) I think the Road on the way up to the clinic had the best Xmas lights in Carlisle last December! I will however still be up there in my new role of Expert by Experience as a panel member on Care and Treatment Reviews.

This is not the end only a new way forward and it is still early days. Will be in touch soon just wanted to share the good news I received today!

Luv C x

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