Well it’s Saturday night I took over from Mencap this morning, to see Molly for the first time since last Sunday was exciting to say the least! She was fine, it’s all quite unbelievable she is accepting that this is her home. She is one lucky girl and what my friends have done for us both is actually priceless!

I am sitting here in this beautiful house while Molly sleeps thinking dreams really can come true!

A great team are in place to support Molly going forward and I have such gratitude to all the staff in Edenwood who have been Molly’s and my family for the past thirteen months, they have played a huge part in her recovery and I will always be grateful for their support and care for Molly. I am adjusting to going straight home after work instead of going to the hospital and it’s pretty weird.

Week 1 – I am actually lost for words!

I am hopeful, happy and very very proud.

Luv C x

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