Big day!

Just a quick update from me, last minute crisis forgot to get the washing machine plumbed. I took a hire van back this morning (was collecting more things for the house yesterday) only killed a pheasant on the way and had feathers everywhere and a broken grill! That aside met with Mencap to go over Mollys care plan – all ship shape so this is it ….and we’re off!!!

Cleaned out cupboards all afternoon keeping busy busy – don’t want to think about it all but of course I just can’t switch off!  Update revealed she wont take her coat off, she is resisting oh dear…..only to be expected I suppose, so hard for special needs people but lots of TLC and Hot chocolate will help I am sure.

I feel like I want to run to her but I can’t. We have to get passed this, I will see her at the weekend.

Will keep you posted.

Luv C x

3 thoughts on “Big day!

  1. Claire…one very special lady. You have been amazing though this journey and although when I say Molly is a lucky girl.. what I mean by that is….her mother has fought and will continue to fight for Molly to have the home and love she deserves. We know that this cannot be with you full time, but she has your unconditional and pure devotion to her….so I for one think she is a lucky girl. Molly will settle in soon I am sure, life for Molly today has turned the corner. Once Molly has more house mates and a routine is in place…then its time for Claire to also turn the corner and change some areas of your life and start to get back that MoJo and spirit we know and love. Your truly amazing. Well done ! And although I don’t know Catherine and Jeremy, they are very special people.
    Good luck Molly…all will be well x

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