Slow down…….

The discharge has been postponed, met with professionals yesterday to discuss Mollys current presentation which is deteriorating due to the commencement of the transition plan. If funding had come in sooner we could of maybe prevented this delay.

I agree with this decision Molly is feeling scared she feels safe on Edenwood after all she has been there over twelve months. We went from one meeting straight into the managers panel meeting this panel has the power to over rule the section decision if needs be.

This next couple of weeks are going to be difficult for both of us, deep inside I know we have to make this work as I can no longer do this. I will cover the informal hours needed but not long term, I can’t believe I am saying this but a time comes when you have to let go and look after yourself in order to be able to go on and still fight your child’s battles.

One of the panel members said “we are in ore of what you have done” I was so shocked and moved at the same time – I am a different person because of this experience and right now I don’t know who I am or how I feel I just know “the show must go on” and believe that what’s to come it’s going to be great!

Sometimes we fall into the “sad” place it just happens but it’s all about how we go on and keep a healthy attitude, not easy I can tell you……

Luv C x

One thought on “Slow down…….

  1. You’re doing amazing things Claire that most of us would not be able to achieve. You’ve always had Molly’s best interests at heart and sometimes by making your own needs important you can do even better with balance. We ask and think of you all, keep going and letting us know how you’re getting on xx

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