Realistically speaking….

Let’s be realistic the journey for any parent of a ‘special needs’ child is never going to end it’s a life long commitment and that’s fine, my commitment to Molly will only ever end when I take my last breath.

Life going forward and after the section is lifted will be different, I am very hopeful it will better for the both of us.

When she asks to go back to college (the ward) I now have to say to myself ” that’s ok Claire” this is about how she is getting used to living apart from me.

With the funding now approved by ASC, YES APPROVED on Friday gone and her discharge date being 28th January 2019, I have to accept she will most certainly be moving on in the new year.

I am currently following ‘finding Cooper’s voice’ written by the mother of a severely autistic non-verbal child. She talks and writes about her 7 year old son Cooper openly, honestly and with such truth about life and how her family cope. Coopers mum is amazing and I most definitely feel she is helping many who find themselves living with or caring for a person on the spectrum. I recommend her to you all out there. I am a bit further down the line as Molly is now 22 but I totally relate to her anxieties, joy and her total commitment !

Christmas isn’t an easy time for some, last year was a really tough one but this year we will be celebrating, I got a new grandson last week Caleb James, he is an absolute blessing and I hope the joy he brings will knit my family back together again!

My biggest hope for next year is that Molly’s transition goes as smoothly as possible. The house is getting ready and the staff are being trained and will soon be working with Molly. It is important that the staff who will be working at Mount View build good relationships with the girls and to help support them all when they move into their new home.

Fingers crossed everyone!

Realistically speaking I can see light and I dare myself to actually say “it feels ok”.

Perseverance and hard work will prevail.



Luv C

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