Edenwood is a unit for mentally ill people with learning difficulties. I have been going there almost every day for 10 months, the staff work so hard supporting their patients 365 days a year! I see the shift changes, when the go in and when they go out, after a challenging and tiring day or night.

We often complain about the NHS, however tonight I want to say they are super hero’s! I notice their dedication and sometimes when there are issues or disturbances it’s hard to leave Molly, I have to trust she is safe and understand that every patient is at different stages of their recovery and that they are all part of someone’s family.

This whole experience has changed me, it has made me more tolerant and to have acceptance of the fact that how we deal with difficult situations and control our emotions is so important. Just breath really deep again and again – it works!

Carers need taken care of in order to care.

Life is rubbish sometimes and the challenges can either make you or break you but I appreciate them all up there tonight and think “what would we do without them, who could take over and deal with situations when we cannot?”

C x

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