I went to Mount View today, it was cold and empty, now the terrifying task of creating a home begins. As I entered each room I tried to imagine my girl living here without me. You may not understand this as I have been fighting for this for so long but I am writing this with tears running down my face and know this is me trying to let go. I can quickly change my thoughts and talk to my self about how I am not leaving her, in reality I can see her when ever I want or she wants – this is going to take some strength to get through but of course I will….

This is an amazing opportunity for the girls, one without the investors would not happen. Just for that moment I was overwhelmed yes that and I imagine other parents in my position would understand – it just suddenly hit me. It did feel wrong to say that but I have to keep this real that’s why I am doing this blog to document the good and the bad and the ugly!

If shopping is really therapy then that’s I will be doing as there is all-sorts needed, maybe I will start by writing a list.

I may need to send out an SOS if any one fancies helping out – you know what they say “many hands make light work”

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