No title just words……

The house is being worked on by Croft Construction, meetings and more are happening:

  • Families met with Social housing landlord
  • Visits to Mount View to check out progress
  • Electrian (Mollys big brother) doing a grand job and taking direction from the girls….

All sounds great and on track, then we were informed last week (Thursday) that the funding for two of the girls won’t be approved or agreed until their needs have been identified and assessed , three weeks prior to Mollys indicative discharge date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bomb shell…..

Unbelievable, Molly will have to go ahead of the other girls now, not what I want for her – I am devastated!  We will carry on and fight for our original plan even though the goal posts have been moved yet again, we cannot give up ever. If ASC could just consider how their previous decision making has contributed to a very expensive stay in hospital and a young person being deprived of their liberty, also they should consider the emotional aspect with stress level soaring!. The longevity of the journey is so very challenging.

Molly is aware of the changes ahead and I am worried even more now and will be until we know and have the funding agreed for the girl to join her.

Anyone setting out or considering the self direct route to supported living should watch out for policy changes which may not give you the power or control to chose the tenants who will live there going forward.

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