17th November 2018 and counting……

The pervious two posts have sat as drafts as I have been hesitant to sometimes publish the truth.

The truth is suppose to set you free so here goes……

The emails bouncing around are so unsettling the battle between organisations are so unproductive and only reinforce my belief that it seems impossible to achieve an positive outcome (the dream).

Free Molly for Christmas!!

Her hours of care and funding has not been approved, the other girls needs and packages seem to be up in the air. ASC are questioning Molly’s 1-1 hours – trying to reduce them and wanting more shared care. The battle continues meanwhile Molly remains under section.

It all feels like a huge test, I feel the system is against me. I sent an email yesterday and copied in all the important people and in summary stated there must be someone with the power and authority to get everyone to work collaboratively to see this through for the good of the girls in question.

Through it all Molly is settled and coping for now.

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