Transparency…….. let’s be honest!

Can you ever really know what is going on inside someone’s head or mind?

Can you ever really help them?

Being transparent if you are able, is maybe for some the first step towards recovery and we have to believe that recovery is possible because it is!

I am in touch with a person who is chronically depressed, this is a subject often hidden and dealt with behind closed doors. I am always actively searching for information of how to ‘be’ in this situation. Everyone wants to give advise but how should we really behave towards a depressive?

In Euston today I saw a book “Reasons to stay alive” I bought it for this person and quickly read it on my journey home – it will hopefully help them and also help me to know how to ‘be’.


  • Know you are needed, and appreciated even if it seems you are not
  • Listen
  • Never say “pull yourself together” or “cheer up” (tough love doesn’t work) turns out just good old ‘love’ is enough
  • Appreciate that this is an illness.
  • Things will be said that aren’t meant.
  • Educate yourself, understand, above all, that what might seem easy to you, going to the shop, for instance might be an impossible challenge for a depressive.
  • Don’t take anything personal
  • Be patient
  • Meet them where they are
  • Relieve any work/life pressure
  • Three days in bed – no biggie – there is no standard normal

Where do we start? or should I say ‘they start’ this is ‘their struggle their journey’ but like Molly’s journey we are all intertwined and wether it’s a friend or family member we should take notice of the advice above, it may help…..I have certainly learnt something.

The most common lie “I’m fine”

Luv C x

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