Blue skies…….

It may be raining this morning but I see only blue skies, getting the keys to the house on Monday  is a huge milestone and the realisation of how human kindness can change your world. Let’s face facts where would Molly be heading without the investors? A matter I can no longer afford to dwell on but one that should be considered, what is happening for others who are waiting for their forever home?

I have been in formed that a local Estate Agent has been asking about the new house ” is it for ‘ bad boys’? Firstly they need to get their facts straight and secondly if it were for the so-called bad boys” where is their Compassion, Support, Respect and Tolerance? Are they discriminating – yes they are.  It disappoints me to think that a business in this city could be so small-minded.  I do not know who these comments relate to and I don’t want to but let’s not be a small minded city and embrace our differences and support one another.

Nehamiah  didn’t build the wall of Jerusalem by himself he had a team. Team Mollywood will continue to make a difference and drive out discrimination and embrace equality and respect which everyone of us deserves! We will continue even after the wall is built!

This week I witnessed equal opportunities and beautiful support first hand while on a visit to Carlisle People First. Great things are happening, just look around and see. Let’s educate the small minded people change their mindset and increase their lack of knowledge and understanding ‘together we are stronger’

Let the blue skies continue and in the mean time put on your wellies pop up you umbrella and keep on keeping on…

Have a great weekend!

C x

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