This time last year….

This time last year looking after Molly was becoming so increasingly difficult, I have revisited the communication book (diary) tonight and it wasn’t nice to read and remember the onset of the mania and even more upsetting to acknowledge how we were living at that time with little or no support. No wonder I have this fight in me if only to prevent this happening again to Molly who is definitely my ‘WHY’ and the reason I can keep on keeping on……

So close but so far away, the investors exchanged on the house yesterday (4th October 2018) and we will complete on the 15th which is the day the work/alterations will commence. Big shout out to ‘Croft Construction’ in Carlisle who will support this project – so happy they are joining team Mollywood!

Scary but the best way forward for us all. Two lovely girls to share a beautiful home – praying they have a beautiful life there. I know there will be a settling in period and that it won’t be all plain sailing but hey, who knows it may be the best thing ever for everyone!

Well it’s the weekend and I am exhausted so going to rest up before a week full of more meetings:

  • MDT
  • Section tribunal
  • Expert by experience

Have a good one people!

Luv C x

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