Molly is feeling Blessed…….

Last night Molly was allowed to stay with me overnight for the first time since January the 4th, more than eight months ago. She was fine – I knew she would be as she has been consistently calm of late (apart from when there has been disturbances on the ward which in all fairness cannot be helped, people are all at different stages of their recovery)

It’s been a massive week! Molly has had her hair cut, thank you to Mike who did a great job and it all went according to plan. She also went to Prism Art on Thursday – another milestone accomplished. Prism Art is a charity supporting people with learning difficulties and they do it very well! so I was highly delighted that they had kept her place and she could resume some normality back in her life with a purposeful activity. Molly will attend Prism Art regulaly going forward, securing funding is always difficult but it pays to keep on it…..basically just don’t accept a ‘no’.

We ended the weekend at St James church where we attended a lovely evening service. I was so moved tonight, I just love going there. To top it all off and with out any prompting as we walked out of church together Molly who was happily chatting and saying her goodbyes turned to me and said “ I am so blessed aren’t I Claire by the way”

So lovely, then she sang all the way back to college (the ward).

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