Mothers and daughters…….

This is my Mam she worries about her children like any other Mam – it’s a done deal isn’t it, it’s normal, that’s just what Mams do.

We see each other regular, I take Molly to visit her every other weekend. Mam worries about me worrying about Molly. I want to see Molly in her own home and for my Mam to see that in her day too. When you get to be 86 years young you have seen so much over the years and at the end of the day all anyone wants is ‘to see their children happy and settled’.

I have two grandchildren I am looking forward to meet soon, one in December and then one in the new year, we have so much to look forward to…….

All we can do now is ‘keep on keeping on’ be nice, help and love each other as much as possible and make time together count – that doesn’t mean we have to make more time it just means making sure we are totally present in the moments we share together.

Molly, by the way is grand – a little shining star, resilient to the core. I have heard so many lovely things said about her just recently like tonight on my way out of the hospital I had a chat with the receptionist – I have walked past their station every day since January but usually just say hi…..tonight we had a lovely conversation and I left there smiling. I might even miss going there when this is all over – who knows?

Last night we had a lovely walk with Lily the golden retriever that we borrowed – it’s the little things that make a difference, you hear that expression all the time but it truly is the little things that impact our lives, hopefully in a magical way! We need a dog!

Luv C x

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