Push through….

Ever heard that term?

My question is for how long, day-in day-out, month-in month-out, year-in year-out… forever? Still I learn everyday how different the autistic world is and that if you can’t stick to the plan there are going to be consequences, mood changes and anxiety levels will rise until a safeness comes and that feeling of reassurance which washes over you like magic and then hearts stops pounding and order is resumed.

I feel what she feels and there isn’t always anything I can do to help, it is disappointing, upsetting and inevitable.

Keep pushing through is all you can do. Making a world of sameness and routine is not an easy task but when you lose it for whatever reason just do your best and pray that tomorrow goes to plan for their sake and yours.

Yesterday was better, Watchtree is a great day out and inclusive – being different is truly embraced!

C x

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