My girl…..

First things first after my fabulous week away tonight I just want to tell you about my girl, so tonight I met up with Molly, the lovely Jean and her husband Arthur at church. Molly looked so well, fashioned by Jean in a gorgeous hippy style purple top, necklace, bangles and a wee touch of makeup. We hugged and kissed, it was so great to see her and even better to see her looking so happy.

She sang her little heart out in church and after the service she turned to a gentleman behind us and announced “I don’t like hot chocolate anymore by the way” I have missed being in Mollywood really!

Back on the ward I left her in tears, never easy, I don’t know how I walked away but you do because that’s how it is when you are sectioned (hopefully not for much longer).

Tomorrow I will be writing about ‘Faith Hope and Glory’ there is good news to share.

I will leave it there tonight, after a long day I just want to sleep and press pause for now.

Nite luv C x

2 thoughts on “My girl…..

  1. The only was is up ! How lovely to hear Molly was ok whilst you were on holiday . Everything to look forward to in the next few months . Looking forward to next blog
    Keep going Claire x


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