Time out…….

On Saturday I will be going away with an amazing group of special people for a week of reflection and restoration (holiday). Molly will remain in hospital so in my absence I have arranged visits and outings for her every day until I am home. Knowing she will touch base with the outside world is so important and will help me to leave her.

We did our walk tonight as we do most nights, I can not imagine not being free – getting her outside come rain or shine is a lovely feeling and I do appreciate my freedom because of this situation. Last night we were joined by Ashley a lovely young lady who has supported Molly on and off for many years Molly was over the moon to see her, the little things are really the big things that matter!

While I am away I will be preparing the final stages of her next steps into supported living. Applying to the court of protection to be Molly’s deputy so that I can support her through this process. There is so much to do but first of all I need to put things in order so I know where to actually start. I am hoping that being still for a while will clear my head and I will come back refreshed and ready to keep on keeping on……………

Knowing your ‘why’ drives you and I know my ‘why’ I look into her eyes every day. I reassure her that we will get to where we need to be, we just need the strength and patience to pursue the dream.

“Hold on Molly, just hold on”

‘A dream doesn’t become a reality by magic – it takes sweat, determination and hard work!’

Luv C x

Drive………..you can’t do it all today but you can do it, big goals can only be reached with patience, persistence and action in their direction a little every single day

Motivation is often defined as an internal or external desire to achieve a goal in life. While many types of motivation exist in the business environment, internal motivation may be thought of as an individual’s personal “drive.”

I attended Mollys Care and Treatment Review today it was powerful and driven by a panel who DRIVE things forward we are moving and it feels good. Actions with deadlines were set and this panel who normally would revisit Mollys situation in six months decided to bring the next CTR forward and meet in September which I am so happy about.

This week the investors will offer on Mollys potential new home which is another positive move!

Monday gone was Mollys monthly MDT meeting and tomorrow is her Manager Panel meeting regarding her section. Meetings, meetings and more meetings, if they were all like today’s it would be time very well spent.

Last night I went to research an amazing supported living provision in Appleby it is unique fantastic and inspired me enormously- dreams really do come true! ‘Big shout out to Aspire 17’ and good luck on your journey of changing lives for the better!

A busy week and it’s only Wednesday…..

Molly is ready to be discharged it’s official, so let’s get moving, with nowhere to go right now we need to drive forward the new home for Molly plus two others to enjoy a new chapter in their lives – thanks to the investors (my angels).

Will and I took Molly for a drive tonight it was great to see her beautiful smile, she enjoyed a McFlurry and we got a few snacks to take back on the ward. She was a star, a lovely day planned for her tomorrow with friends Jean and Arthur so I can relax and know she is having fun and has her freedom for a time.

Tomorrow night I will research providers and just keep ‘driving’ my new buzz word inspired by the Panel today – be powerful and keep driving!


Luv C x