No words……

8B4D22BA-72F2-412C-B446-CFFD06F43C7BMolly wants out!!! I mentioned previously that Molly wants to go home. It could be seen as a sign of her getting better with more insight but I am not sure. Let’s think and rewind a moment…..

  • Insight? maybe
  • lots more agency staff (unsettling for those with Autism who like continuity)
  • couple of disturbing incidents that have occurred recently
  • Staff leaving due to new shift patterns
  • Dynamics of other patients

It’s hard to know what has caused Mollys unsettled period, transition of any nature is hard, when I left her yesterday she was angry kicking out and swearing.  I ask her “what is going on?” but she just can’t explain other than to confirm she just wants everything to go back to normal.  Maybe I am totally off the mark here but I don’t switch off,  I can’t …..

I am always searching for answers, always!

The ‘new’ house will be checked by the social housing landlords later this month. It may need alterations to comply with H&S sleeping arrangements for the Carers.

The meeting with the ASC to discuss Mollys care package and to look at matches cancelled with short notice today – all very very disappointing and a waste of my Annual leave. I gave this meeting high priority and not having it will only delay potential progress.  I need to have at least another four months fight in me to battle through all this and I know I can do it but I can’t watch Molly’s distress and do or say nothing! Words are currently screaming in my head and yes I know things far worse are happening out there but I am not out there,I am here…. still here.

Reading “The loving push”  it’s a book about how parents and professionals can help spectrum kids become successful adults – now let me see……

Luv C x

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