I sometimes feel lonely on this journey, I looked up loneliness and it said – not having friends or company.  I have had company all weekend so far and I know I have lots of beautiful friends so I can’t be lonely…. I have therefore concluded that ‘missing’ is more descriptive at this time.  Yes, something is missing…..

Missing feels terrible like you are living without feeling joy.

Why does Molly never ask to come home? I wonder if she misses too? I know she wants “everything back to normal and a routine back” I think we are both in transition and we can’t go back so we just keep on keeping on.

This blog is about Molly but as I assume like with many other families there is a rippling effect which touches and affects relationships and sometimes sadly destroys them.  Someone once said “we can only do the best with what we’ve got at that time”.  If we always try to do the best we can with good intentions then hopefully time can undo some of the misunderstandings.  Having a child with special needs can leave you with little time for others or oneself.

Little things like letting you hold her for a moment, seeing her smile or hearing her hearty laugh do make everything worthwhile and bring joy.

Joy – ‘a feeling of great pleasure and happiness’

Tomorrow is another day let’s make it a joyful one!

Luv C x

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