I have attended so many meeting over the years I have lost count and to be honest many were futile.   I was recently invited to tell Molly’s story in a Lessons Learnt Review for the NHS, this for me was acknowledgment that this story would be heard and listened to with potentially an opportunity to improve systems within departments that in my opinion had previously failed Molly.  I am her voice and her expert yet my concerns and opinions around Molly’s future were often dismissed or determined by funding availability, I believe inadequate support, inappropriate services and lack of transitional planning have all ultimately contributed to her mental health issues.

I have raised two complaints with Adult Social Care, one was upheld and the other partially upheld, it is uncomfortable, time-consuming and distressing but it has to be done.  If we don’t address our issues things will never change.  Likewise it is important to recognise good practice and appreciate good services – it’s not all bad out there we need to work together collaboratively and change things for the better.  Vulnerable young people like Molly have to depend on others and for that reason for me, they matter more!

On Friday I attended a conference in Gosforth Newcastle ‘World Health Innovation Summit’ (WHIS) – amazing speakers working together to inspire and support communities.

Tomorrow I will attend Molly’s MDT meeting, I am about to prepare my list of questions and I am looking forward to receiving a detailed update.

On the 1st of June I will be meeting with investors to look at purchasing a property which will hopefully become Molly’s forever home and one she can share with two other young people. Watch this space….

Today I visited ‘Aspire’ 17 a new venture offering respite provision for young adults with learning difficulties Croft House and Cottages in Appleby Cumbria.  So happy to see their vision accomplished a massive achievement with a fantastic purpose!

As Mental Health Week 2018 comes to a close I hope all the hard work people are doing helps raise awareness of this important matter, that their message reassures us that there is help and support out there and that they are not alone.


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