On the 4th January 2018 my daughter was detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983 Under a section 2. To be placed under a Section 2 an application has to be made by an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMP) and you must also be seen by two other separate doctors, I later was made aware that this section can detain you for up to 28 days.
Molly was actually sectioned initially on the 2nd January however at that time there were no beds in the Country. A bed in Liverpool was potentially an option however it was quickly filled and no longer available. That night I sat in the kitchen with the three professionals who completed the paperwork to detain Molly however she couldn’t go anywhere without the offer of a bed, it was now 10pm and so Molly remained at home they left. We had to go through the process again on the 4th January which resulted in a bed being found out of County in a private hospital over in the North East.
It was an ordeal to say the least for myself and my family and more importantly Molly who surpassed all my expectations on the afternoon of the 4th when after some persuasion she walked voluntarily into the ambulance. Three members of staff from the local hospital team were there to support her admission and to ensure she arrived safely, I felt some reassurance that at least she had a familiar face her CPN who travelled with her in the ambulance.
The silence when she left was both deafening and unbearable, I smothered myself under a blanket on the sofa and couldn’t move for hours. The true realisation and the impact of this event didn’t sink in initially, it arrived slowly but surely over the next few days – how on earth did it come to this?
The CPN called that evening and told me she had arrived and settled as well as could be expected. I felt ‘proud’ a strange word for this situation but I really felt so proud of Molly she never ceases to amaze me and show how life’s difficulties can often demonstrate resilience.

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